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Sara Gropp (She/Her)

Data Manager

Sara Gropp is a certified Tableau Desktop Specialist and builds custom dashboards for funder reports, program evaluation, project management, strategic planning, and more. Sara is especially proud of her work with one of our clients, the Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) where she built a Tableau interactive dashboard that features county level early childhood education data. This process included managing data from more than nine difference sources. This dashboard helps inform communities so they can make program and funding decisions to improve early childhood education across the state.

While TCG serves organizations in a variety of disciplines, Sara’s passion for working with educational organizations started during her time at Manchester University where she graduated with a degree in Educational Studies and Business. Her experience within schools, tutoring or reading with students, and co-writing a business plan to open a childcare center helped transition her into the role with Transform Consulting Group. She is involved with education focused projects, like early childhood, 21st Century Community Learning Center observations and evaluations, and college and career readiness program evaluations. Her education background also benefits Sara now that she trains program staff and clients on various topics like data analysis and visualization using various platforms.

Sara has always enjoyed math and numbers, dabbling with experience in accounting and math education, but she found her passion for data analysis when she started working for the Transform Consulting Group team in 2016. She quickly learned Tableau software and became a leader for data understanding and analysis. Additional passion comes from knowing this data analysis work is used to help community impact organizations make a difference for communities and families.

Fun Fact: Sara was a four year collegiate volleyball athlete and now coaches high school volleyball. Favorite Food: Hawaiian pizza Favorite Quote: “Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams.” Community Involvement: Sara serves as a freshman volleyball coach at Kent City High School and is a member of the West Michigan Evaluation Network (WMEN).