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Morgan Ellis

SPARK Communications Manager

Morgan Ellis is the Communications Manager for SPARK Learning Lab, Indiana’s technical assistance provider for early childhood education and care providers. Morgan specializes in public and media relations, writing, and storytelling. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communications with emphasis in journalism and public relations in 2019 from the University of Indianapolis. During her college career, Morgan had an internship with a boutique PR firm, working with locally owned, small businesses throughout Indianapolis.

Prior to her employment with Transform Consulting Group, Morgan was the PR & Marketing Manager for Downtown Wabash, Inc. Before working for Downtown Wabash, Inc., she worked two years at Honeywell Arts & Entertainment as the PR & Marketing Coordinator, where she coordinated communications for all six Wabash-based Honeywell venues and partner venues outside of Wabash County.

More than anything in her experience, Morgan enjoys being able to authentically connect with people, especially her coworkers and the clientele she serves. Being able to connect and empathize with those around her is a skill she’s harnessed from a very young age, and it rings true in her years as a professional communicator. She wouldn’t have it any other way because she believes communication, no matter the topic or circumstance, is key…always.

Through the years, Morgan has discovered new passions in her line of work and experiences with the nonprofit sector. She values those who serve those less fortunate, those looking to make a difference, those who change lives from within, and those who are selfless in all they do. Some of her passions include Mission 25, Lighthouse Mission of Wabash County, Babe of Wabash County and Babe of Whitley County, Indy’s International Marketplace, Wabash County Museum, and The Honeywell Foundation.

Fun Fact: Morgan originally went to school for opera and vocal pedagogy. Without that initial college experience, she wouldn’t be living and working in Downtown Wabash. Favorite Food: Salmon Sashimi Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. - Wayne Gretzky” - Michael Scott Community Involvement: Young Professionals of Wabash County; Marketing Committee for Mission 25