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Strategic Plan Step 4: Tools to Create

Congratulations! You have journeyed through the 4 steps of our Strategic Planning Process and you’re ready for the final step: Create. (We covered steps 1, step 2, and step 3 in previous blogs). The goal of a strategic plan is to develop timely, relevant, and action-oriented plans for the future of your organization. Once you…

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5 W’s of a Process Evaluation: Part 2

In a recent blog post, we introduced the first two W’s of a process evaluation: Why conduct a process evaluation Who should conduct a process evaluation This blog post will cover the remaining three W’s: What methods to use to conduct a process evaluation Where to conduct a process evaluation When to conduct a process…

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5 W’s of a Process Evaluation: Part 1

When it comes to program evaluation, people often think of evaluating the effectiveness and outcomes of their program. They may not think about evaluating how the program was administered or delivered, which may affect the program outcomes. There are several types of valuable evaluations that do not focus on outcomes. One type of evaluation, called…

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