Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning



We work with your key team including stakeholders, staff and partners to evaluate the current position of the organization and the desired goals both short and long term to develop your plan.


Through surveys, interviews, focus groups as well as key indicators and research, we are able to utilize data to create a comprehensive profile of the organization and your environment.


We create a timely, relevant and action-oriented strategic plan based on the data collected, input from stakeholders and consensus from the team.

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Assess and Research

We first begin by completing an internal assessment and an external assessment. For the internal assessment, we will look within the organization to understand some trends and solicit feedback from your staff and clients. During the external assessment, we will gather key indicators relevant to your industry, meet with key partners (past or present funders) for input, and scan your industry landscape to understand the latest trends.

Facilitate Consensus

Once we have gathered this comprehensive information, we will package it into a digestible packet and slide deck to share, discuss and unpack at 1-3 planning sessions with your team. We will facilitate thoughtful, interactive and engaging sessions with your planning team to reach consensus on the future of the organization.

Decide and Plan

After the planning session(s), we will take all of the information shared and begin to map out a strategic plan. We often develop three strategic plan deliverables for our clients: 1) a public-facing, one-page overview of your key goals; 2) a strategic plan summary that explains the overall process and strategic plan; and 3) a tactical operational plan for your staff and board to assist with implementing the strategic plan.



When I look back at where our organization was a year ago compared to where we are today, I stand in awe. What we have accomplished in the months that Transform Consulting Group has been working with us is nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve added three new board members, strengthened the overall commitment and engagement of our Board of Directors, started a fund development plan, switched my position to a paid position, and expanded to five Central Indiana counties. It’s been exciting to watch the transformation and growth!

Kelly Stokesbury

Former Executive Director of Girls on the Run of Central Indiana

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I would highly recommend Transform Consulting Group. They were very responsive to our requests and met all of the timelines that were requested. Thank you for all that you have done to assist us with the 40 Assets initiative and the development of Building Asset Rich Communities (BARC). I have greatly enjoyed working with you.

Steven Cox

Regional Manager