Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements



We work with the host sponsor to ensure that their goals are met as we develop the content for the session. During our presentation, we engage with the audience as active participants. We ask questions, initiate partner or group work and share ideas. We all leave more informed.


We customize our sessions to match the intended audience. We gather information about your industry and how to make our session relevant within your environment.


We work to have tangible “take aways” with each session that either you create during our session or soon after. We want you to immediately apply what we shared!

Leading From the Boardroom

Is your board and executive team working together well? Is there tension? Do you need to grow your board and recruit new members, or maybe you need to cycle off some old Board members? We know that when non-profits have engaged and informed Boards working in partnership with the organization that their impact is accelerated.

Growing Your Funding

Are you struggling to have enough funds to provide the programming and services required to accomplish your mission? When was the last time that you analyzed your funding in the context of your goals to understand your return on investment? Do you need some fresh ideas to assess your organization’s current financial state and think about what is possible for the future?

Evaluating Your Impact

Do you know how to measure against the goals that you set for your organization or programs? Are you using the data that you are collecting to tell the story about the value you provide in the community? You cause is important and having reliable data to track and monitor your impact will help you move “the needle”.

Developing Public-Private Partnerships

More often than not, the causes that we seek to impact are much bigger than what one organization can accomplish alone. The solutions often require the government (public) partnering with private sector organizations. Are you looking to form a public-private partnership to address a broad issue, or does your public-private partnership need some help? Having the right people around the table, ready to ask tough questions and work together for solutions can accelerate the impact.


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Transform Consulting Group took time to understand our organization, the challenges we want to overcome, and arrive at solutions together.

David Westenberger

CEO of Indiana Youth Association

Client Logos 300x300_0041_CenterforLeadershipDevelopment

They made the logic model and the process of gathering data very clear and relevant to everyone. Their ability to easily hone in on the needs of the organization and the staff was very insightful and much appreciated. The staff expressed on several occasions that Transform Consulting Group made things clear. I would not hesitate to recommend Transform Consulting Group to anyone.

Pamela R. Ross

Former Senior Director of Programs