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Son Dao

SPARK Data Specialist

As the Data Specialist for the SPARK Learning Lab Project, Son utilizes his skills to tell stories based on data. He has experiences using an array of statistical programs including SAS, RStudio, and Stata for data analysis. Tableau was recently added to his data visualization skillset.

Prior to joining the team at TCG, Son earned his Master of Arts in Applied Economics and an Economic Data Analytics Certificate from Western Kentucky University. He is most proud of his graduate thesis, where he worked with a large amount of county-level data to examine the linkage between higher import exposure to the unemployment rate in the United States.

At TCG, Son enjoys delivering actionable insights to aid organizations improving their impact. Specifically, his responsibilities include setting up a system to collect, assess, and report out on the benchmarks for the technical assistance contract. Essentially, he examines the performance and growth of early education programs across Indiana.

Fun Fact: Son is a car enthusiast. He can satisfy your needs of car discussion, whether that be your first car, his first car, built-not-bought, show cars, exotics, etc.
Favorite Food: Pho
Favorite Quote: “I think the biggest mistake people make is not believing in themselves enough.” Rich Piana