Data Analysis


Do you have data but don't know how to use it?

At Transform Consulting Group, we’re proud #datanerds. We love data, rely on data, and geek out over using data to drive impact.

We understand that while the world of data can be overwhelming, using & understanding your data is vital for many reasons: it helps answer your organizations’ questions, it helps secure funds, it communicates program success, it is a tool for evaluating program effectiveness, and it allows your team to optimize systems and processes.

Accelerate Your Impact with Data Dashboards

We believe data is key in telling your organization’s story. We use Tableau Software (and have a certified Tableau Desktop Specialist on our team) to create visually appealing dashboards to showcase your data.

Use a dashboard to: 

  • Answer your organization’s questions
  • Give insight quickly
  • Make your data meaningful
  • Monitor impact
  • Manage impact
  • Manage project completion
  • Promote your work
  • Create static reports and infographics