We work with organizations at various stages of development to strengthen their board leadership and governance practices.


It is not just what you do that matters but the impact and change that you make. We help organizations be better at what they already do.

Fundraising Strategies

We assess your past funding and benchmark successful organizations and strategies to develop a comprehensive and feasible fund development plan for the future. We review your past and current portfolio of funding to identify trends and potential opportunities. We identify your goals and service areas and determine your readiness and capacity for funding growth.

Procurement & Contract Management

Funders are increasingly holding organizations accountable for the services that they provide and the change that they intend to affect.  We design and manage program evaluation plans for clients as they implement federal, state, and privately-funded grant programs.

Program Development

Our clients are addressing complex and critical issues. We follow the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle for program development and implementation.  We help clients assess, design, launch and evaluate programs and services in order to meet community needs and apply the latest research.

Project Management

You received the funding for a new project but don’t know where to start or have the internal capacity to implement.  We can come alongside your team for the short or long-term to augment your capacity.  We will review the program, develop a project plan and timeline and ensure implementation of the program goals and objectives.

Research & Analysis

We pull together and interpret the latest research and trends to understand the industry and make best practice-informed recommendations.

Strategic Planning

Our environment is dynamic.  Policies, research and communities are constantly changing. We help leaders identify opportunities for action and proactively respond through the development of timely, relevant and action-oriented plans.

Creating Your Plan

Yogi Berra stated “If you don’t know where you are going, how are you gonna’ know when you get there?” We agree! We work with our clients to develop plans and build strategy that is current with industry trends and the latest research.

Our 3-Step Strategic Planning Process