Mobilize Partners


Do you have an issue to address that is bigger than what one organization can solve? Does your community-based organization or school want to build partnerships to improve outcomes with children and families? Does your agency have a project or initiative in which you want to engage the private sector?

Our clients are working to address complex social issues like ending homelessness, increasing education attainment rates, strengthening the workforce. These issues are bigger than what one entity can accomplish on their own. By using the collective impact framework, we are able to facilitate public-private partnerships that truly lead to transformational change.

Collective Impact

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School-Community Partnerships

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Public-Private Partnerships

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The Community Foundation of Wabash County called on our team in response to a funding opportunity aimed to help communities and partners collaborate better in order to improve outcomes for children and families. They wanted to focus on addressing substance abuse and its consequences for children, families, and communities. We partnered with them to accomplish the following:

  • Convene a committee of diverse stakeholders across sectors
  • Gather data to inform the need and “current state” in the community
  • Facilitate consensus on the community’s health issue of greatest importance
  • Develop an agreed upon plan of action for the grant proposal

When the new Governor-appointed Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) was formed in 2013, we were asked to help structure and set up the Committee. ELAC adopted a collective impact framework to structure its work, and we have acted as the “backbone support” for ELAC. ELAC has assisted in understanding the state of early childhood education in Indiana, convened hundreds of diverse stakeholders in workgroups and annual summits, and assisted with the launch of state-funded pre-k. Our ELAC backbone support work includes:

  • Facilitate and staff the committee and workgroups
  • Assist with the annual needs assessment, which includes a report and interactive data dashboard
  • Manage the ELAC website and communications

Transform Consulting Group successfully brought together diverse leaders in our community to implement a strategic plan that will better the lives of families across the entire county.

July Graber, Program Director, Community Foundation of Wabash County