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Sara Gropp

Data Project Analyst

Sara Gropp received her Bachelor degree in Business Management and Educational Studies from Manchester University. She joined the Transform Consulting Group team in 2016 as a Project Assistant. Since then her role has evolved through her work with data analysis. She is now a Data Project Analyst for the team. Sara is a certified Tableau Desktop Specialist and builds custom dashboards for funder reports, program evaluation, project management, strategic planning, and more.

Sara is especially proud of her work with one of our clients, the Early Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC) where she built a Tableau interactive dashboard that features county level early childhood education data. This process included managing data from more than nine difference sources.

Before joining the Transform Consulting Group team, Sara worked at Manchester University in the Human Resources department on data analysis to assist in developing a compensation strategy. She also served as an intern with Wells County Economic Development and developed and coordinated educational career camps for students. During this enriching experience, she performed research and analysis to review the availability and sustainability for local industrial buildings.

Her favorite things about working for Transform Consulting Group are working with data, and knowing the work she puts in is making a difference for communities and families across the state!

Fun Fact: Sara was a four year collegiate volleyball athlete and volunteers as a volleyball coach at Manchester University.
Favorite Food: Hawaiian pizza
Favorite Quote: “Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dreams.”