Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis



We work with you, your partners and our industry partners to identify what data and research is necessary to support your current and future goals.


We pull together and interpret the latest research and trends to understand the industry and make best practice-informed recommendations.


We create best practices and work with your team not only on how to collect and analyse the data, but how that data can improve your overall organizational outcomes.

Needs Assessment

In the for-profit sector, a need assessment is called “market analysis”. Essentially, a needs assessment gathers relevant data to inform your team and stakeholders on the “current state” in your program, community or industry. When we complete needs assessments, we identify the key indicators to gather relevant to your goals and purpose. Then we pull the data together with appropriate context (e.g., comparisons to state or regional figures, trend data). Lastly, we package the needs assessment in a user-friendly format such as info-graphics, slide deck presentations and reports that can be used in multiple formats.

Community Profile

We help clients create a community profile to better understand the population that they are serving. We will use the geographic boundaries (e.g., zip code, census tract or other physical markers) and target population to identify the strengths and needs. This work will result in a comprehensive summary of the targeted population within the identified community that can be used in marketing, grant proposals and program development.

Literature Review

Is your organization looking to better understand the industry that you serve? We scan the latest research available to identify best practices, effective models to benchmark, strategies, and other elements to inform your current programming and/or implement new programming or services. Some funders want to see that your work is grounded in research, especially for new programs or start-up organizations. By bench marking your program model with the current literature, it helps to affirm the positive outcomes you plan to realize.

Feasibility Study

Does your organization see a need in the community or a gap in the existing services? Are you unsure if it is feasible to help meet the need? We understand the challenge of not having adequate time to complete a comprehensive planning and assessment process to develop the program or service. Using the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle we assess, design, launch and evaluate programs and services in order to meet community needs and apply the latest research.


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I have had the privilege of working with Transform Consulting Group on several projects. Transform Consulting Group is excellent at writing and editing, helping to articulate complicated issues and plans quickly and effectively. I have also observed their skills in managing programs during implementation. I have been impressed by their servant leadership with their clients, as well their collegian management of other associates affiliated with Transform Consulting Group. One thing that I especially appreciate about the work of Transform Consulting Group is their consistent, calm competence under pressure. Their good humor –and ability to get things done– truly makes Transform Consulting Group a joy to work with.

Lamont J. Hulse

Former Director of Community Collaborations