Procurement and Contract Management

Procurement and Contract Management



We work with your team and stakeholders to solicit feedback on developing a RFP or contract that meets your goals and priorities. We identify what is and is not working to enhance the procurement process.


We review other similar grant programs to identify best practices in the industry, minimize duplication and increase efficiencies.


We develop RFPs, contracts, and training materials to support the overall procurement and contracting process.


Program Guidelines

Are you launching a new grant program or modifying an existing program? We can assist in developing new guidelines for the grant-funded program. We can facilitate engagement from key stakeholders for input and align the guidelines to the latest research.

Request for Proposals

A well-written and structured Request for Proposal (RFP) can greatly impact the success of a program and minimize the headaches for a program officer. We can review your organization’s program priorities or new legislation to help develop a meaningful RFP that aligns to your goals. We will also lead training workshops for prospective grantees to ensure clear understanding of the RFP.

Grant Review

Do you need help overseeing the review of grants? An objective review process is critical for awarding grants. We can recruit and train the reviewers to ensure a talented team is in place to provide constructive feedback. We will also develop a scoring rubric to help the reviewers make sense of the proposal and provide feedback in an efficient manner. Lastly, we can assist the leadership in gathering the information necessary to make grant awards.


Once the new grant awards have been made, now assistance is needed to develop contracts and prepare for the next phase. We can help write the grant contract or other agreements needed to ensure a seamless transition for implementation and oversight.


Ted Maple

President & CEO of Early Learning Indiana

Watch to learn how Transform Consulting Group was instrumental in overseeing a very large government contract transition, and how they ensured that all of the critical pieces of that transition were identified for Early Learning Indiana.
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