IPA Conference 2022

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As a philanthropic partner, we know you’re doing incredible work. You are moving the needle in your community, and we applaud your efforts.


Build financial stability for families
Educate students
Strengthen the workforce
Improve health outcomes

But HOW?

In this ever-changing world, we see you working to be effective. There’s a shift as more and more funders are looking to be strategic partners and conveners.

At Transform Consulting Group (TCG), we support philanthropic partners who are working to tackle big social problems in their communities. We’re noticing a growing trend with funders who no longer want to only write a check, but desire to be a part of the solution through stepping into a community leader and convener role. You want your work to be effective and lead to supporting a thriving community.

Each year there are more nonprofit organizations who are formed and more individuals giving to charitable causes. Yet, the social issues plaguing our communities seem to be getting worse while charitable giving increases.

There is a disconnect.

We see the use of data as a critical lynchpin to helping move the needle on addressing our social issues.

60% of nonprofit professionals say they don’t use data

We know many of you are moving towards becoming Data-Informed, and it can be overwhelming.

Are You Data-Informed?

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Being a data-informed organization requires a higher-level strategy that answers “how” and “why.”

We all know data is important. Oftentimes there is no lack of data, but how do we make sense of it all? How do we organize it in a way that’s manageable? How do we use it to tell our story of impact?

It goes back to your mission. Why do you exist? What is it your organization wants to accomplish? And how does data play a role?

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”


– Carly Fiorina

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9:00 am to 10:15 am EDT

Using Data to Drive Change

Room: Council/Chamber

Speaker: Amanda Lopez (she/her), President

Are you ever overwhelmed by data? Do you lack the valuable data that would show your organization’s impact? Let the #DataNerds at Transform Consulting Group show you how they use data to demonstrate impact and optimize decision-making. You’ll see how data turns to dollars for TCG’s clients across the country and what it looks like for your organization to become data-informed. You’ll leave with more knowledge on using data as an asset to shape your next steps.

Case Studies


Clear Metrics

Agreed upon key indicators for the organization that ties back to the theory of change and mission; everyone understands the importance of these metrics and how their role/team supports accomplishing them.

Data Access

All employees need to have access to the data to glean insights and use data. Data must be Findable, Accessible, Interpretable, and Reusable (FAIR).

Data Literacy

Knowledge and understanding of data, terms, and tools.

Leadership Buy-in

Leadership is on board in understanding the importance of data, using data, empowering and equipping their staff with data.

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