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As a Head Start agency, we know you’re doing incredible work. You are supporting children and families, and we applaud your efforts.


Improve Health Outcomes
Build Financial Stability for Families
Support School Readiness

Strengthen Family Engagement

At Transform Consulting Group (TCG), we support organizations that are working to tackle big social problems in their communities. We see the use of data as a critical lynchpin to helping move the needle on addressing our social issues.

Are you ever overwhelmed by data? Head Start organizations collect a lot of data.


Let the #DataNerds at TCG help you move beyond collecting data for compliance purposes to collecting data to drive impact. We will discuss how your Head Start program can work to make this shift by developing clear goals and metrics, aligning your data systems and tools to the goals, and visualizing your data in a meaningful way for understanding.



Community Needs Assessment

We help understand the needs in your community and / or state related to Head Start services to inform your grant application and strategic plan.

Visual Reports and Data Dashboards

We take your data to the next level to answer key questions and use your data to make decisions internally and share externally with key partners.

Data Literacy and Staff Training

We work with your staff to increase their knowledge and understanding of data terms, tools and reports.

“TCG helped us focus on understanding the needs and strengths of the counties we serve. They did this by gathering and interpreting key data and talking with different stakeholders to get a better understanding of their current and future needs. We were so pleased with our partnership and committed to working together for the next 5 years!”


– Karen Carradine, Vice President Head Start, Geminus Head Start

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