2014 National Nonprofit Survey Results


Recently, NFF released its 2014 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey. Taken by over 5,000 nonprofit leaders from all over the United States, the survey gives a broad illustration on how nonprofits are operating and growing in today’s economy.

Some of the key questions that the survey addresses includes: How does your nonprofit compare to other nonprofits? What challenges are other nonprofit leaders working to address? What are the current trends of nonprofits in America? The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) can help you discover the answers.

Interesting facts discovered from the survey include the following:

  • 80% of nonprofits experienced increased demand for services
  • Over half were unable to meet this demand in the previous year
  • 31% of nonprofits are undergoing major funding changes
  • 20% will be seeking new funding through investments or loans
  • 55% of nonprofits have less than 4 months cash-on-hand
  • Over one quarter of nonprofits ended the last fiscal year with a deficit
  • Less than 10% feel that they can half open dialogue with funders about developing reserve funding
  • Almost half of the responding nonprofits collaborated with another organization
  • 48% spent money or time in some type of professional development
  • Almost 40% are now using long-term strategic or financial planning
  • 77% of respondents agreed that metrics can be helpful for measuring impact

From their survey, NFF identified five main conclusions:

  1. While for-profits are riding the wave of economic recovery, most nonprofits and community needs are missing out.
  2. Nonprofits need to learn new ways to raise and manage funds.
  3. Long-term financing is the new top challenge.
  4. Nonprofits can need outside resources and partnerships in order to succeed.
  5. Nonprofits will need systematic impact and program measurement to please and gain funders.

Full results of the survey, including a data-analyzing tool for custom review, can be found at survey.nff.org.  Leaders of nonprofits are encouraged to see what similar organizations are doing to advance and succeed their cause.

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