Funders Are Changing Grant Focus


McDonalds Charities LogoTransform Consulting Group is seeing an industry trend that funders are becoming more focused on outcomes and demonstrated impact in their grantees. Recently for example, the Ronald McDonald House Foundation announced that they have changed the way that they are awarding grants going forward – to focus on outcomes and on sustainable, replicable projects that include a train-the-trainer component. Most of the prior awards have gone to nonprofits with a focus on “access to care” for children and decreasing negative youth behaviors and school dropout rates for adolescents, both nationally and internationally.

Explaining their change in funding philosophy, the McDonald’s Foundation stated that it “will consider organizations whose project methodology involves a comprehensive, ethnographic approach to their research, program development, program implementation, and evaluation.”   Transform Consulting Group has seen more and more funders ask grantees to focus more on outcomes and are less concerned about outputs (how many people your program served).

Like many other foundations, McDonalds is looking to evaluate organizations based on their execution of past or current projects by the following outcomes:

•Program Performance

•Community Outreach

•Financial Sustainability

•Management Effectiveness

Want to do the most good for the greatest number of people? Transform Consulting Group can help your organization demonstrate success in these outcome areas. Not sure how to make your case to funders? Transform Consulting Group has the expertise to not only develop your grant proposal but also develop your outcomes and evaluation systems. Contact Transform Consulting Group to find out how we can show your impact through the development of an evaluation plan.