Does Your Organization Have What it Takes to Make a Sustained Impact?

“To make the greatest impact on society requires first and foremost a great organization, not just a great program.” -Jim Collins, Good to Great and the Social SectorsGood to Great

Is your organization surviving on one grant or funding source to the next? How certain are you of your future in one or two years? From the start, your organization should be thinking strategically about how you will sustain and take to scale your effort over time. Ensuring sustainability requires you to be strategic and creative in using your resources and supports to achieve results.

The five elements of sustainability for nonprofits include:

  1. A clear and compelling vision
  2. A passionate and engaged board of directors
  3. A motivated and professional staff
  4. Effective communications and marketing
  5. A strategic approach to fundraising

Organizations that have been able to sustain their work over time have not only focused on how to maximize and leverage financial supports but also on how to advocate for supportive policy measures and build community partnerships that can help champion their work.

What has your organization done to prepare for sustainability? Transform Consulting Group can help you put these theories into practice for a sustained organizational impact. Contact us today for a consultation!

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