$10,000 Award for Summer Learning Programs


The National Summer Learning Association, in partnership with the New York Life Foundation, is awarding a $10,000 prize to three high quality summer learning programs that are making a difference.  The New York Life Excellence in Summer Learning Award recognizes outstanding summer programs that demonstrate excellence in accelerating academic achievement and promoting healthy development for young people between kindergarten and twelfth grade.

To be eligible for the award, applicants must:

  • Become an Association member at www.summerlearning.org. (Joining the Association as a “Friend of Summer Learning” is a free service that will connect you to the latest news and updates.) If you are already an existing member, go straight to the New York Life Excellence Award Application page.
  • Be a public or private organization or agency (schools, community-based organizations, libraries, universities, faith-based organizations, etc.) OR a collaboration of the aforementioned organizations or agencies;
  • Serve young people between pre-kindergarten and twelfth grade over the summer months;
  • Have paid staff who are responsible for administration, implementation, and finances;
  • Strive to accelerate academic achievement and promote healthy development as a central goal of the program;
  • Have operated the program model for at least two summers; and
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to equity and to expanding access to summer learning in high-poverty communities.

*Restrictions: Previous winners may not apply for the award at this time.

Interested applicants should check out the CASP Quick Reference Guide, which summarizes indicators of quality in different program areas.

There are four steps involved in the application process:

1. Complete Part A of written application.

2. Complete Part B of written application (by invitation only).

3. Participate in a phone interview.

4. Participate in a site visit by NSLA staff.

Review and submit your application to Larry Smith at lsmith@summerlearning.org by February 14, 2014.

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