60% of non-profit professionals report that they don’t use data to make decisions.

Do you have data but don’t know how to use it? Are you lacking a systematic approach to acquire data or manage projects? 

We know that data and evaluation can be intimidating and overwhelming. We want to demystify the data process. We believe data and evaluation is about learning and improving. We take a teaching approach to everything we do with data.

Program Evaluation

We develop Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely Goals. We help clients develop the most appropriate and reliable tools and systems to effectively collect the data. We consider the organization’s current and ongoing capacity to manage the collection of data. We assist clients in interpreting the results of their program to identify if the goals set were accomplished and develop evaluation reports. We also work with clients to discuss how the evaluation work can inform program improvement, fund development, marketing, partnership development, reports, and other growth strategies.

Needs Assessment

We’ll create a needs assessment that gathers relevant data to inform your team and stakeholders on the “current state” in your program, community or industry. When we complete needs assessments, we identify the key indicators to gather relevant to your goals and purpose. We also collect qualitative feedback from key stakeholder by using mixed methods, such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups. We pull all of the data together in a way that is digestible for your audience through visual reports, infographics, and community profiles.

Data Dashboards

We believe data is key in telling your organization’s story. We use Tableau Software to create visually appealing dashboards to showcase your data. Learn more about our services and view examples of our work here.

Visual Reports

We pull together relevant data to inform your team and stakeholders on the “current state” of your program, community or industry in a visually appealing way. We create annual reports, write research and policy briefs, complete needs assessments, develop state or community profiles, and write grant and technical reports.

Client Impact

The Center for Leadership Development wanted help strengthening their capacity to collect and report on the impact of their college readiness programs for African American students. They were seeking assistance with establishing systems and procedures to determine if they were meeting their desired program outcomes in the short- and long-term. Our team partnered with them to accomplish the following: 

    • Clarify and align their organizational and program goals
    • Develop an evaluation plan, data management schedule, and standard operating procedures
    • Provide individual and group training for team members to complete the evaluation work and drive student achievement
    • Support the team in implementing the new evaluation plan

Geminus Head Start collects a lot of data for their federal and state reporting requirements. However, it resides in multiple systems that do not connect. They sought our help to create a customized monthly report and interactive dashboard that would connect their data systems and equip their team to use the data to improve student and family outcomes. Our team partnered with them to accomplish the following: 

    • Confirm goals and benchmarks
    • Gather and connect multiple data sets
    • Create a customized dashboard that visualizes all benchmarks and can filter data by site and other key indicators 
    • Train staff on using the dashboard and report to make data-informed decisions
    • Identify and make improvements to the data collection process

Transform Consulting Group was selected as a top five winner of 2018 and 2019 the data visualization competition. Year one focused on improving Indiana’s talent pipeline and workforce. View our 2018 dashboard we created here

In 2019, we used the data provided to highlight recommendations for improving health outcomes for Indiana mothers and infants. View our Indiana Mother & Infant Health & Well-Being dashboard here