4 Ways to Use Your Data


Survey Graphic

Complete and accurate data collection is the backbone of all organizations. Everyone needs reliable data to make effective decisions that will improve access to programs, enhance their quality and increase participation in them. However, data is only effective if it is being utilized.

Once you have systems in place to collect your data, how effectively are you using your data? Below are four ways that data can be used to strengthen your organization:

  1. Communication – inform your marketing and communication with the public, clients, partners and other stakeholders. Instead of just explaining what you do, also communicate the impact that your organization has in the community it is serving.
  1. Evaluation – Assess and analyze progress towards achieving your desired results. Data provides the information to determine where you started (your baseline) and your end results to understand any changes that have occurred through your services.
  2. Funding – bolster your case to funders by highlighting the results that you have and plan to achieve. Resources are scarce and funders are savvy when selecting where to invest their resources, so an organization using data is competitive.
  3. Programming – align services to what is and is not working, determine where services are needed most in a community and identify gaps in programming. Make smart and informed decisions about your programs and services through timely and reliable data.

At Transform Consulting Group, we love to support organizations in using data effectively. We can help your organization collect, track, analyze and monitor its impact. Contact us today for a consultation!