We follow a participatory approach to evaluation where we work with you and not for you. We work alongside you to identify your program opportunities.


Evaluation and improvement science are powerful tools for helping programs advance. We provide our expertise to make the correct program recommendations.


We design and manage program evaluation plans for clients as they implement federal, state, and privately-funded grant programs.

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Clear Goals

The first step in the evaluation process is to understand the goals and change that the organization/ program wants to accomplish.  We assist clients in developing SMART goals and logic models that accurately reflect the priorities of the program and align to the organization’s mission.

Data Tools and Systems

We help clients develop the most appropriate and reliable tools and systems to effectively collect the data. We consider the organization’s current and ongoing capacity to manage the collection of data. We also assist in the completion of parent consent, data share agreements with key community partners and other necessary components to receive data from partners.

Data Analysis

Our clients need to report back to their funders the impact of their investment.  We assist clients in interpreting the results of their program to identify if the goals set were accomplished and develop evaluation reports.  We discuss the implications related to staff, implementation, target population, and other key elements.  We also work with clients to discuss how the evaluation work can inform fund development, marketing, partnership development, and other growth strategies.

Evaluation Plan & Management

We work to ensure sustainability of the evaluation that is completed. We will develop an evaluation management plan, data collection and analysis schedule, and data report form to support the staff’s ongoing implementation of data collection and analysis. Our evaluation team is also available to augment your staff on a short-term or long-term basis to meet your organization’s ongoing data and evaluation needs.


Dennis Bland

President of Center for Leadership Development

Watch to learn more about Transform Consulting Group’s partnership with The Center for Leadership Development. Transform Consulting Group works very closely with CLD to implement program processes and policies to move the mission forward.
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