Annual Hoosier Survey


gI_60822_Bowen Center logoEach year, the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University and WISH-TV Channel 8 partner to create a “snapshot” of current public opinion about issues in Indiana. The non-partisan survey is designed to take the pulse of the state with regard to the most pressing issues facing Hoosiers.

At the beginning of every calendar year, survey results are delivered to the Indiana General Assembly so that lawmakers can gauge public views about issues they are likely to face in the coming session. The Annual Hoosier Survey has attracted national attention and received coverage in national media outlets as well as professional conferences.

In 2014, the survey found that job creation was of top priority to Hoosiers, followed by education, reducing crime, and protecting the environment. While views on budget surplus, alcohol sales on Sunday, and same-sex marriage remain split, the support for better education was staggering.

Of all Hoosiers surveyed, 75% indicated satisfaction with public schools, a ten-percent increase from 2013. A 2/3 majority of survey respondents want to see state education spending increase by 3% to cover the costs of textbooks for all students. Eighty-two percent (82%) of Hoosiers favor expanding fully funded pre-K programs for four-year-old children across the state. Currently, state-funded pre-K is only available for students in Allen, Lake, Marion, and Vanderburgh counties, with the addition of Jackson County in Fall 2015.

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