Indianapolis Mayor Announces New Education and Safety Initiative


Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard
(Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Star)

With the announcement of his Education and Public Safety Initiative Wednesday morning, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard proposes a holistic approach to make Indianapolis a safer city. Mayor Ballard believes the issue of crime and violence in American cities are tied to three “buckets” of responsibility: Prevention, Protection and Punishment.

At the center of this initiative is $25 million in public-private investments to make high quality preschool available to 1,300 low-income 4-year-olds each year for the next 5 years. This would nearly double the amount of low-income families receiving scholarships for high quality preschool as part of Indiana’s PreK Pilot program set to roll out in 2015. In addition, Ballard’s plan makes funding available to increase the number of high quality preschool programs available in low-income communities. 

“If we are ever going to solve the crime problem we have to address what causes the issue,” Ballard says. The preschool program would reduce crime for years to come says Jason Kloth, Ballard’s deputy mayor of education.

Indianapolis’ youngest citizens are not the only ones who stand to gain a better education. Mayor Ballard’s plan proposes to help those who fall through the cracks of society and reemerge in custody. A new charter school being developed by the City will better serve students while expelled or detained as well as allow students to continue their education post-incarceration.

In addition to education, Mayor Ballard’s initiative seeks to enhance public safety.

Transform Consulting Group applauds the city of Indianapolis’ leadership in their efforts to not only address a current policy issue but also invest in preventive measures to strengthen the community for the future!