Transformational Organization: Summer Advantage USA


Today, we’re highlighting the work of a Transformational Organization: Summer Advantage USA, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that is having a national impact on education. In partnership with schools, every summer this program provides thousands of scholars in elementary and middle school with research-based learning programs that will close the gap on summer learning loss. These programs are focused on academic gains, maximizing learning time, outstanding instruction and mentoring, parental involvement, skill building and fun activities. Summer Advantage USA’s rigorous evaluation measurements show that student participation in these quality summer learning programs makes a 5 month difference annually in their learning achievements (that is, a two month gain in skills, rather than the 3 month loss usually seen over the summer months).

Summer Advantage Chart

Earl Martin Phalen is CEO and founder of the Summer Advantage USA and Reach Out and Read programs, as well as the founder of the new Phalen Leadership Academy charter school in Indianapolis. Mr. Phalen, who is a graduate of Harvard and Yale, also recently received a $50,000 grant from the Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation. He started Summer Advantage USA in 2009, with the support of The Mind Trust.

Transform Consulting Group applauds Summer Advantage USA’s focus and Earl Phalen’s leadership on making a measured impact on education across the country. Transform Consulting Group can help develop an outcome driven plan for your organization. Contact us today and we’ll show you the way!