The Need

Leadership Everyone (LE) implements a regional initiative called VOICE (VisioningOutcomes Inspiring Community Engagement). VOICE engages all people in Vanderburgh, Gibson, Posey, Warrick, and Henderson counties in inspiring conversations where participants share their hopes and dreams for the future. These visions are made available to the public, empowering everyone to use the data for strategic action.

LE wanted support auditing their data collection and analysis process, other related processes in the VOICE initiative, making recommendations for adjustments, as well as build an interactive, dashboard using VOICE data.

TCG was hired to complete the following:

  • Audit process of data collection and analysis - This included reviewing all VOICE data and information, determining the research questions we wanted the community data to answer, creating and revising data tools, collecting data through listening sessions and online feedback, reviewing publicly available data, analyzing all the data collected, developing a data management plan, creating a system to connect the different data sources, and develop a plan for visualizing the data.
  • Data dashboard - We used Tableau Software to create a visual, user-friendly dashboard that featured the key questions and metrics. We then worked to publish materials publicly and presented the final interactive dashboard to the LE team & stakeholders at a community event. We also provided training for staff who will have a role in using the data and sharing the dashboard.
  • Communication plan - We created a plan to disseminate this information to a wide range of stakeholders.

The Solution

Together we created a user-friendly, accessible tool that allows partners across the region to make informed decisions. Some new features on this dashboard include: 

  • Publicly available data for additional context and comparisons
  • Ability to see the connection between the direct quotes to themes indicated by participants
  • Easier navigation to the different sections in the dashboard
  • Ranking of vision data by the different backgrounds of participants