The Need

 Indiana’s Head Start State Collaboration Office wanted to have a better understanding of the needs of Head Start grantees so that they could focus their support and resources at the state and local levels. They also wanted a state report that could be shared with partners who are seeking information about Head Start programs in the state.

The Solution

TCG used the federal Head Start priority areas to inform areas to focus on for the needs assessment report. We then gathered a combination of quantitative data from Head Start PIR, the U.S. Census, and the state child care information system. In addition, we wanted to solicit feedback from key stakeholders which included Head Start directors, and state and local community partners to help inform the needs, gaps, and opportunities across the state. We summarized all of the data into a visually appealing report for the state that is posted and shared on their website. In addition, we created a slide deck presentation that the State Collaboration Director could use to share and present the findings to key partners.