The Need

Geminus Head Start collects a lot of data for their federal and state reporting requirements. However, it resides in multiple systems that do not connect. They sought our help to create a customized board report and interactive dashboard that would connect their data systems for easier use with their staff. In addition, they needed our assistance to equip their team with the knowledge, confidence, and skill to better understand their data system and results. 

The Solution

Together, we accomplished the following: 

  • Aligned data with program goals and benchmarks
  • Gathered and connected over 20 data sources
  • Created a customized dashboard that visualizes all benchmarks and can filter data across 30+ sites and other key indicators
  • Trained staff on data terms and using the dashboard to make data-informed decisions
  • Identified and made improvements to their data collection process and procedures
  • Developed impact teams to review the data and make program improvement recommendations

TCG helped us focus on understanding the needs and strengths of the counties we serve. They did this by gathering and interpreting key data and talking with different stakeholders to get a better understanding of their current and future needs. We were so pleased with our partnership and committed to working together for the next 5 years!

Karen Carradine, Vice President Head Start, Geminus Head Start