The Need

The Community Foundation of Greater Ft. Wayne developed a new vision and strategic plan. In the strategic plan, they adopted five pillars – connected community, inspiring places, healthy mind and body, everyone’s economy, and lifelong learning. They needed support with data collection, analysis, and visualization to track and monitor key metrics against their five pillars and strategic plan.

The Solution

TCG was engaged to assist in managing data that will help the Foundation with the funding decisions it makes, as well as help the community as a whole understand the progress made and where improvements are still needed. We completed the following:

  • Identified key metrics to track and report on their five pillars in the strategic plan
  • Identified existing data sources to gather the data and report out on the metrics
  • Created a new community survey to gather more detailed information on the key metrics that are not available from public sources
  • Build a dashboard that pulls data from multiple sources into an interactive dashboard that will live on their website and be available for the public. Launching in early 2023!


Interactive Dashboard and Community Survey for Public. TCG will create and launch a public dashboard that will be hosted on The Foundation’s website. In addition, they will have a community survey to gather input on their key metrics from the public annually to track and monitor progress.