1 in 5 of the largest nonprofits are operating without a
strategic plan.

Do you lack vision for the future of your organization? Is your funding diverse or do you rely on a singular “eggs in one basket” solution?

We know that running a non-profit organization is challenging. Funders are seeking more accountability, and the needs of communities are growing. We understand these demands and limitations, and we believe in the work you are doing. This is why we are passionate about coming alongside our clients to strengthen their capacity to provide the highest quality services in accomplishing their goals. We want the work that we start with our clients to continue beyond our engagement.

90% of organizations report they have 1 dominant source for funding, & that single source accounts for 90% of their total funding.

Board Development

Is your board engagement in the work of your organization? Are they informed and equipped about their role as a Board member? The leadership of an organization sets the vision for the future and the direction for the rest of the team. We work with organizations at various stages of board governance and perform the following services: complete board assessments, assist with board recruitment, develop board policies and protocols, and facilitate board training and retreats.

Grant Writing

Are you looking to expand your grant funding? We understand the different types of funders and their grant application process. We know what funders want and how to interpret and follow complex federal, state or private grant applications. We are available to support your efforts at all levels of grant development including the strategy, research, narrative, and final submission.

Program Development

Are you looking to add a new program or modify your existing program? We will work with you to determine how to strengthen your existing programs to meet the changing needs of our communities. We conduct environmental scans to look at what are promising programs and practices in your industry and own community. We develop curriculum and structure to implement the program. We develop standard operating procedures for staff and train them in implementing the new program. We observe how your programs are being implemented and make recommendations for improvement. We follow the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle for program development and implementation.

Project Management

Do you have a new project that you need help getting started? Do you have a time-limited project that needs managed? We are experts in project management. We have assisted organizations in managing complex, time-limited projects. We understand the client’s big goals and strategic direction and can outline an operational plan to accomplish those goals. We communicate with all partners to keep everyone engaged and on task. We are flexible and adaptable to shifting priorities as new information is developed. We use online systems and reports to track milestones and keep everyone updated.

Strategic Planning

Does your organization need a new strategic plan? We help organizations create a roadmap for their future. We follow a four-step process with facilitating a strategic plan: 1) Collaborate with key partners; e 2) Complete an internal and external assessment 3) Facilitate consensus on your goals and strategies for the future; and 4) Create  a strategic plan. We develop three strategic plan deliverables: a one-page overview of key goals and strategies, a strategic plan summary and a tactical operational plan.

Client Impact

The Wabash County United Fund wanted to set a clear action plan for the future of their organization. Our team partnered with them to complete a strategic plan, which included the following steps: 

    • Solicit feedback from key stakeholders
    • Gather quantitative and qualitative data to inform areas of focus
    • Facilitate consensus during a retreat
    • Create a strategic plan report and accompanying visuals

Girls on the Run of Central Indiana had a small board and lacked funding to expand programming. We partnered with them to accomplish the following: 

    • Recruit new board members and strengthen their overall commitment, engagement, and understanding 
    • Create a development plan to increase and diversify their funding
    • Support programming and infrastructure to enable expansions