Board Development

Board Development



We are partners with your board and your staff.  We work closely with all of you throughout our partnership to create the best outcomes for your organization.


We approach every board engagement with fresh eyes. We evaluate and analyze your current situation and then develop the appropriate solutions based on our assessment.


Every board is unique which means you need a unique development plan in order to achieve effective results. We combine our expertise with your goals to create the right solution.

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Board Assessment

Just like not all organizations are the same, nor are the Boards that lead them. We first start with assessing the Board to determine key priority areas to focus on to strengthen the Board. We engage the Board in the assessment process, so that they have ownership from the beginning. We take this assessment to develop a plan for success.

Board Recruitment

The composition of the Board directly affects its success. We work with the Board and staff to determine the right mix of Board members to meet the current needs of the organization. We assist with the strategic recruitment, orientation and onboarding of new members. Clients benefit from existing tools we have developed to assist with this process.

Board Policies & Protocols

Board’s have fundamental documents that need to be in place to govern their work. We assist organizations in developing and modifying these documents, including Bylaws, member handbook, and member job description. We also have other tools to support the work of Boards, including meeting agendas, board member roles, board governance assessment, and annual board member check-in.

Board Training & Retreat

An essential element of an effective Board is an informed Board. Board training’s ground members in the common language and best practices of board governance. We provide Board Governance training to meet your Board’s needs and customize accordingly. We also facilitate Board retreats to identify goals for the organization and Board and strengthen relationships with Board members.


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When I look back at where our organization was a year ago compared to where we are today, I stand in awe. What we have accomplished in the months that Transform Consulting Group has been working with us is nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve added three new board members, strengthened the overall commitment and engagement of our Board of Directors, started a fund development plan, switched my position to a paid position, and expanded to five Central Indiana counties. It’s been exciting to watch the transformation and growth!

Kelly Stokesbury

Former Executive Director of Girls on the Run of Central Indiana