Hear what people are saying about Transform Consulting Group

Miriam Acevedo Davis

President & CEO of La Plaza

Watch how Transform Consulting Group assisted La Plaza with the development of curriculum to redesign their Tu Futuro college and career readiness program for youth. Transform Consulting Group also researched the appropriate evaluation benchmarks that enabled La Plaza to accurately perform ongoing evaluations of the short term outcomes to monitor program success.

“We felt like ‘wow’ we really got a lot out of working with her and our staff really
enjoyed working with her. They were timely and professional and did an excellent job.”

Debbie Zipes

Former President of Indiana Afterschool Network

Watch how Transform Consulting Group helped Indiana Afterschool Network diversify, obtain and access more funding to move their mission forward. TCG developed a compelling case for a large grant and also built a funding map to assist IAN in creating a better balance of funding strategies.

“I think that they have the right mission so it’s not about their own personal gain, they really
are committed to the community impact.”

Kevin Bain

Former Chairman for Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee

Watch how Transform Consulting Group plays a critical role in managing the many partners, volunteers and projects that are critical to the work and outcomes desired for Indiana’s Early Learning Advisory Committee and high-quality early learning for families.

“With Transform, they from the beginning understood the importance of getting good
information and analyzing that information well and then turning that into a useful report.”

Ted Maple

Former President & CEO of Early Learning Indiana

Watch to learn how Transform Consulting Group was instrumental in overseeing a very large government contract transition, and how they ensured that all of the critical pieces of that transition were identified for Early Learning Indiana.

“I would recommend Transform Consulting to you because of their professionalism, their breadth of knowledge, their working attitude, and just their ability to connect with your organization and with your stakeholders. They bring the total picture.”

Dennis Bland

President of Center for Leadership Development

Watch to learn more about Transform Consulting Group’s partnership with The Center for Leadership Development. Transform Consulting Group worked very closely with CLD to develop and implement a program evaluation plan and processes that monitors and reports on the impact of their college and career readiness programs for minority youth.

“They’ve done a wonderful job of educating us and educating the co-worker as a team.”