About Us

About Us


Transform Consulting Group is a woman-owned consulting firm with staff across Indiana and Michigan. We work with government, nonprofit, education and communities who are addressing complex social issues. Whether it’s helping organizations disseminate data to stakeholders, diversify funding, build capacity to manage projects, or creating systems for managing projects – we come alongside our clients to offer tangible solutions for accelerating their impact. 


Each of our clients has a unique challenge or opportunity when we begin working together. Most clients rely on Transform Consulting Group because of our breadth and depth of experience, and fundamental data we provide regarding the industries we serve.

Our Approach

COLLABORATE. We follow a participatory approach with our work.  We believe in the importance of building our clients capacity to sustain the work that we start beyond our engagement.  By working closely with our clients, we increase buy-in and ownership and are also equipping them and their team to accelerate the work.

ASSESS. Before we take any action, we ground our work in the data to make best practice recommendations.  We gather the latest trends and research in the industry and collect new data, if necessary.  Then we will benchmark successful strategies, identify gaps and opportunities and develop a solid plan for the future.

FACILITATE. We often see many planning team members who want to jump into the strategies and problem-solve the needs/ gaps identified. The first step in consensus building is to reach agreement on the “What” you want to accomplish. We call this setting your big goals and top areas of focus. Once you have this set, then you can get into the “How” you will accomplish your goals through strategies.

CREATE. We design, develop and recommend plans, policies, programs and reports to accelerate our clients’ timeframe to achieve these opportunities creating greater impact. As partners with our clients, we monitor the success and outcomes of each project to ensure we are making a difference.


We use a proven approach

While each challenge is unique, the process we follow is consistent.  We believe that data is critical before addressing or recommending any solution. We diligently work the process of uncovering and identifying the appropriate research which solidifies our recommendations.  We follow the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle.  We help clients assess, design, launch and evaluate programs and services in order to meet community needs and apply the latest research. This is a critical differentiator for Transform Consulting Group and many clients point specifically to this process improving their own internal operations which accelerates impact.

Ready to get started?

If you are faced with one or more of the following challenges, we can help you!

You have collected data but aren’t sure how to disseminate it

Your funding is not diverse enough - too much reliance on a singular “eggs in one basket” solution

Not enough staff or expertise to manage projects, procurement or grant programs

You are lacking a systematic approach to acquire data or manage projects

You wish to expand programs and need research or knowledge in looking at the logic or funding models and overall sustainability of the program

Your board lacks vision or the ability to fundraise. Understanding board roles and responsibilities

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