Board Member Recruitment Tips

Are you looking for new board members at your nonprofit? Board members are an important link to successful fundraising, community engagement and networking. Having the right people on your board is critical to successful organizational impact. Certainly, organizations should recruit Board members from the leadership and staff’s existing set of personal and professional contacts, but also consider finalizing your decision through a more traditional process like that of a job interview.

Presentations-1Some critical questions to consider:

  • What is the role and expectations of your Board members?
  • What skill or relationship gaps do you currently have in your Board?
  • How engaged are your Board members?
  • Have you performed exit interviews for departing board members?

You want to make sure your Board members are a good fit, understand the requirements of the position, have the time and resources to devote to your cause, and bring diversity and balance to your board. At TCG, we can help you assess the effectiveness of your current Board, identify recommendations for improvement and work with you to implement those recommendations.

We have worked with many clients to strengthen their Board of Directors. During our engagement, we focus on the following critical services:

  1. Providing training on best practices in Board governance.
  2. Creating a Board Development Plan that includes a Board composition analysis; key stakeholder contact list; Board nomination process orientation plan and packet; and Board member position description.
  3. Developing and updating key organizational documents, such as by-laws, committee structure, meeting agenda template, calendar of meetings by key topics.
  4. Performing ongoing coaching and consultation to the leadership.

By the end of a board development consultation, new Board members are recruited and “on boarded” effectively. The Board is engaged, empowered and invested in seeing the organization be successful!

Team Unity Friends Meeting Partnership Concept

Your Board is an extension of your leadership and serves as “champions” for your organization. They are too important to not be fully utilized. We understand that it can be hard to devote time and resources to board recruitment and training when you are knee-deep in the delivery of programs and services on a daily basis. Learn more about our board development services, and contact us today to chat about ways we can serve your Board of Directors.

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