New Online Family Engagement Inventory Tool

diverse-familyFamily engagement is recognized as a foundation for children’s success across the human services and education fields. The Children’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created the Family Engagement Inventory (FEI) to assist professionals in child welfare, juvenile justice, behavioral health, early education, and education to access current family engagement strategies and resources across these fields of practice.

The definition of Family Engagement changes between each field of practice.

  • Behavioral Health: Focuses on getting families and providers to effectively communicate information, needs, values, and attitudes that are necessary to develop a beneficial alliance for the child.
  • Child Welfare: Engagement is family-centered and strength-based; Involves helping families set and achieve goals and make important decisions.
  • Early Childhood Education: Engagement involves ongoing, goal-directed relationships that are based heavily in communication and honesty.
  • Education: Engagement includes interactions with schools and meaningful communication between parents and the academic institution.
  • Juvenile Justice: Involves equipping families to have influence and impact on the programs, systems, policies, and practices affecting these services for children and their families.

Other family engagement information available on the interactive FEI website includes:

  • Summary of research about the benefits of family engagement by field of practice;
  • Family engagement strategies at the practice, program and system level;
  • Summary of family engagement practices that have been validated and evaluated; and
  • Family engagement resources to useful information and websites that provide additional literature about processes, methods, and programs.

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