Inaugural Red Nose Day USA


ChrisMartinGoTRed Nose Day is a day of fundraising to help young people living tough lives around the world. On May 21, 2015, NBC is teaming up with Comic Relief to raise money during a three-hour entertainment special featuring superstar actors, comedians, musicians, and original sketch comedy.

Since 2009, Comic Relief has made grants totalling more than $300 million to create lasting change. The money raised through Red Nose Day goes to organizations that help children and young people in the US and across the world by keeping them safe, educating them, and making sure they are healthy. Comic Relief has helped over 1 million children in Africa and the world’s poorest countries to get an education.

The campaign formally kicked off in April and will conclude with the three-hour entertainment special on May 21st. Red Nose Day originated in the UK and was founded by Jane Tewson and Richard Curtis. It was created out of the belief that mass media and celebrities have the power to raise awareness about the issues surrounding poverty and that this can affect change and save lives. While the Red Nose event will generate funds for Comic Relief’s goal of helping those in the poorest of countries, individuals can participate in activities year-round to generate funds.

Red Nose Day participants are encouraged to take part in sponsored Comic Relief events such as a virtual “Danceathon”, or by attending other stand-up comedy shows in London throughout the year. Furthermore, individuals can take on their own fundraising projects by organizing their own event. To “pay money in,” organizations can do one of the following to receive a certificate:

  • Pay in Online: By using a personalized giving page organizations can pay the money they have raised directly to the organization.
  • Pay at the Bank: A giro slip will be included in the Fundraising Pack received by your organization/establishment.
  • Pay by Post: By using the giro slip in the Fundraising Pack or downloading the form, organizations can mail checks in.

For more information regarding Red Nose Day and related events, please visit the official site.

Transform Consulting Group sincerely applauds this initiative to improve the lives of thousands of children, not only through providing essentials but by giving the gift of education. To find out how Transform Consulting Group can help with your organization’s next fundraising project, contact us today!