U.S. Census Bureau Launches New App – Dwellr



The U.S. Census Bureau is providing free mobile Apps to iPhone and Android users that will allow easy access to statistical information. The dwellr App uses Census Bureau data to match the user with 25 places that best fit his or her lifestyle. Dwellr provides all kinds of neighborhood-level statistics such as demographics, home values, educational levels, population diversity, or the percent of single or married people in a city. 

The dwellr App uses data from the American Community Survey (ACS) Five-Year Estimates. ACS is an ongoing survey that provides information every 1, 3 and 5 years about every neighborhood in the nation. ACS collects statistics on age, ethnicity, marital status, taxes, education, income, and much more. Dwellr updates as new data becomes available.

The dwellr App makes accessing and using data easy and user-friendly. Transform Consulting Group applauds the Census Bureau in their effort to make statistics mobile.

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