5 Ways to End Your Fiscal Year Strong


Clock End of Year GraphicEnd of year fundraising campaigns are important. According to research from the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, the average person makes 24% of their annual donations between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. People are in the giving mood and the average donation amount is higher during the holiday season than the rest of the year. So, how can you organization end the fiscal year strong?

  1. Do a final email push in the last days of the year. Many people wait until December 31st, which falls on a Tuesday this year, to make their end-of-year donations to qualify for tax deductions.

  2. Integrate your communication channels. Transform did a blog on integrated fundraising campaigns, check it out.

  3. Go viral on social media networks. Create some buzz so your donors can help spread your message through their social media networks.

  4. Make sure your website makes online donations easy. Is your “Donate Now” button large and very visible on your homepage and the other pages of your organization’s website?

  5. Tell your story in a compelling way. If donors don’t feel a connection to your organization, or don’t understand how your organization is making an impact in the community, they aren’t going to open their wallets to you.

Organizations should also be thinking about starting next year strong. To see how you can start 2014 on the right foot, contact Transform Consulting Group about our services. Transform Consulting Group helps you make a bigger impact for your cause!