Transformational Organizations: The M.A. Rooney Foundation


Teacher and StudentThe M.A. Rooney Foundation is transforming the lives of children and having a ripple effect in Indiana. The Foundation’s mission is to ensure that ALL kids are reading at grade level. Founded in 1969 by the owners of Golden Rule Insurance Company in Indianapolis, today the M. A. Rooney Foundation concentrates its efforts and resources on helping educational and youth professionals improve literacy and educational excellence. The Rooney Foundation operates under the spirit of the old saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

At Transform Consulting Group, we often say that the Rooney Foundation is one of Indiana’s best kept secrets… until now! While they might be most known for their work with school districts and schools, they have also expanded their FREE resources to community based organizations that work with schools and have a mission to improve academic achievement for students. The Rooney Foundation provides three key services:

  1. Data Management – assists schools by collecting, warehousing and reporting on current and historical student demographic and achievement data. They create informative and detailed student data reports that are customized to specific outcomes and shared with school staff (at all levels) and community partners.
  2. Strategic Planning – provides collaborative planning processes that include success plan development, meaningful and timely classroom and district data reports, and analysis structures that deliver results.
  3. Professional Development – supports educational professionals in learning and implementing the best practices that lead to increased student achievement and success. They work closely with staff and leaders to review the data collected, develop an action plan for improvement and implement it.

Funders and policy makers are increasingly becoming more focused on results and outcomes for schools and community organizations that work with students. Gaining access to real-time, objective data is critical for schools and organizations to know that what that they are doing is making a difference and improving student achievement.

Through our evaluation consulting services, Transform Consulting Group has been working closely with the Rooney Foundation to connect community-based organizations with student achievement data. Equipped by a team of seasoned educational professionals and statisticians (from the insurance side), the Rooney Foundation is a dynamic asset in Indiana. Transform Consulting Group thanks the Rooney Foundation for making a significant difference in the lives of Hoosier children! The Rooney Foundation is a great example of an organization that is transforming lives and making a ripple effect in our schools, community based organizations and neighborhoods. Interested in how your organization can make a similar successful impact? Contact Transform Consulting Group today for a consultation!



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