Proposed 2014 Federal Budget Tightens Funding for Nonprofits: Emphasizes Program Outcomes, Innovation And Stretching Existing Resources


Recently, the Obama Administration announced its proposed 2014 Federal Budget, which included several key funding elements for programs relevant to nonprofits, philanthropic, faith-based and other community organizations.  The President’s 2014 budget replaces the sequester that went into effect in March 2013, which if approved by Congress would alleviate the federal belt tightening that has trickled down to the state and local level. Nevertheless, while some programs such as Head Start would see increased funding, other programs would receive less funding in order to help meet the President’s goal of another $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction.  The Administration emphasizes that it wants to encourage investments in program outcomes, not just outputs; enable nonprofits to support innovation and scale what works; and help existing resources go further in transforming lives and communities.

The proposed budget includes funding for:



Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services:

Transform Consulting Group is constantly monitoring state and federal funding opportunities for nonprofits and sharing what we learn.  If you have questions about the programs above, feel free to Contact Us!



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