2013 Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) Grant Competition


The U.S. Department of Education announced the start of the $150 million 2013 Investing in Innovation (i3) grant competition.   The i3 program aims to develop and expand practices that accelerate student achievement and prepare every student to succeed in college and in their careers. The i3 program includes three grant categories:

  1. Development
  2. Validation
  3. Scale-up

The first iteration of applications is for the Development grant category, which funds grantees with promising but relatively untested ideas.  The deadline for the pre-application is April 26, 2013.  Selected applicants will be invited to apply for the Development competition and complete their full application. The Department plans to announce applications for the Validation and Scale-up categories later this spring.

This year’s priorities for the Development grant category are: Improving the Effectiveness of Teachers or Principals; Improving Low-Performing Schools; Improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education; Improving Academic Outcomes for Students with Disabilities; Improving Academic Outcomes for English Learners (ELs); Improving Parent and Family Engagement; Effective Use of Technology; and Serving Rural Communities. The Department has also revised the program’s evidence standards and definitions so that applicants can better understand i3’s evidence requirements.

Transform Consulting Group is available to help your organization strategize about this grant opportunity and complete the application process.



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