Project Management

Project Management



We come alongside your team for the short or long-term to augment your capacity. We become an extension of your internal team, reducing the need for additional staff.


Using best practices and our process management model, we consistently analyze the effectiveness of the project, and look for gaps or areas for improvement throughout our partnership.


Based on our ongoing analysis, we create improvements or additions to the current project in order to ensure we are accelerating your mission.

Project Plans

We start with a plan. Whether it is taking the grant proposal, concept idea or planning notes, we use all of the information to develop a project management plan including timelines, roles and responsibilities and reporting structure. We will outline who is doing what, by when and the deliverables anticipated…all working towards accomplishing the goals you have identified.

Backbone Support

When you hire our team, we expand your organization’s capacity to support the successful implementation of your program and project. We act as the liaison ensuring that all of the contractors, staff, partners and other key stakeholders are working together and on track with the deliverables set forth. We manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the project and provide regular reports to the team for feedback and guidance, as needed.

Transition Plans

When you are onboarding new staff or transitioning off current staff, we support this interim period with guidance and support to ensure a seamless process. We have successfully transitioned several projects during the start-up or ending period to help with minimal disruption to the organization and clients.


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