Program Development

Program Development



Through engagement with your team and key stakeholders in the community, we solicit feedback every step of the way from planning to design, implementation and evaluation. This engagement helps to ensure ownership and buy-in well beyond the consultation period.


By taking the time to review the literature in the field, benchmark best practices and evidence-based models and review your organization’s current programming, we identify the gaps and opportunities available in the industry. This research will provide a foundation to develop a solid plan to launch a new program and/or modify a current program.


From the information collected, we will develop the program elements necessary to fully and successfully implement the program.

Partnership Development

Funders are very interested and supportive of joint partnerships for programming and services. Having an external, third-party consultant facilitate the partnership development can be an effective strategy. We can help you identify the best partnerships and stakeholders for your project, assist in the relationship cultivation and facilitate partnership discussions to secure their commitment and understand each other’s roles and responsibilities.


When considering launching a new program or service or updating a current program/ service, it is critical to take the time to assess the current market, research best practices and trends in the industry and benchmark successful models. We will do all of this for you to pull together relevant information to ground the program design or modifications.


Developing a new program or service can be intimidating and difficult to do with the “day-to-day” responsibilities. We will work with you to determine the tools and procedures needed in place to ensure a solid program or service, which may include the following: logic model, learning objectives, curriculum, lesson plans, assessment tools, and training manual. We will work to ensure all of the tools and procedures are in place for consistent and reliable implementation of the program.


Is your program or service going to be delivered at multiple sites? What is the education and experience of the staff that will deliver the program? We consider all of these factor to ensure successful implementation of the program. We will train your staff, observe early implementation, provide feedback and make modifications to reach the desired outcomes of the program.




Watch how Transform Consulting Group assisted La Plaza with the development of curriculum for their Tu Futuro Program. TCG also researched the appropriate evaluation benchmarks that enabled La Plaza to accurately perform ongoing evaluations of the short term outcomes to monitor program success.
La Plaza