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Monica DiOrio

Project Consultant

Monica DiOrio is a Project Consultant at Transform Consulting Group. She graduated from the University of Missouri with B.A.s in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies with emphases in Political Science, Sociology, and Social Work. As a student, Monica spent many hours alongside the Grant Coordinator implementing a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant, which brought together four afterschool sites from four different organizations. She was responsible for cultivating partnerships among the organizations and connecting the community to the cause. It was here where she discovered her passion for networking and advocacy.

After college, Monica then went on to work at a community resource center outside of Chicago where she saw firsthand the many barriers low-income individuals and families were facing, as well as the organizations that serve them. It was here that she came to realize that in order to make the most impact, she needed to find a career that helped support community organizations by improving their organizational capacity, professional development, and strategic planning.

Monica’s favorite thing about working for Transform Consulting Group is being apart of a staff with strong female employees that offer a variety of skills and experiences. She also appreciates working with a president who is well educated and spends time investing in her development as a young professional.

Fun Fact: Monica is passionate about animal rights, which led her to volunteer on a wildlife reservation in South Africa in 2010. This passion also resulted in getting bit by a squirrel while saving it from her two dogs!
Favorite Food: Monica has many favorite foods, but the best is sharing Cape Cod potato chips and French onion dip with her Papou (Grandpa in Greek) over cocktails.
Favorite Quote: “You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”, which she says reminds her of her drive to help those in need.