Free Nonprofit Ads from Google Grants


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Advertising is a great way to draw people to your organization, but it’s expensive. Effective advertising can be used to attract potential donors, promote your services and expand partnerships.  Google Grants in an in-kind online advertising account for nonprofit organizations. Through the Google Grants program, nonprofits can advertise using Google’s AdWords for free to do general outreach, fundraising and recruitment. If awarded a Google Grant, your organization receives up to the equivalent of $10,000 in free advertising per month. To be eligible, 501(c)(3) organizations must have a website and your ad must link to that website. For more information on eligibility and program guidelines, click here.

“This valuable, targeted traffic source continues to be our main source for new donors and subscribers. Approximately 70% of our 2012 web traffic came directly from Google Grants clicks, but we believe closer to 90% of our total site visitors came as a direct result of the overall program. The Google Grants program has truly been a game changer for! ” – Rian Cool, Online Campaigns Manager,

Google Grants is an inbound marketing method, a technique that leverages blogs, search engines and social media sites to benefit an organization. Contact Transform Consulting Group to learn about this and other ways you can attract new people to your organization and convert more of them into constituents.



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